Interpolate Panel (Script for FL)

Hi, everybody...

I mixed two good things: first, the fabulous Interpolate Nudge module from Christian Robertson and by the other hand, DialogKit from Tal Leming, the result is a very simple tool that for me is very useful. I share this with you, maybe it could be useful for someone else... Please, feel free to use it!

Interpolate Nudge ->
Robofab ->
(I've only tested it on FontLab 5.0.4 / OSX)

No warranty
The script is provided as is (Free and without warranties, support, etc...)

Donwload the last version from:

*Please note that I am not very skilled in programming,
maybe this can be done more efficiently...

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It's working on windows too.

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This is going to be so damned useful. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you Eduardo!


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I never thought the Interpolate Nodes tool was that difficult to use in FL. I tried your nudge tool and found it lacking. I guess its just me.

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-I never thought the Interpolate Nodes tool was that difficult to use in FL.

me neither ...

-I tried your nudge tool and found it lacking. I guess its just me.

No problem James, this tool works for me, but is not for everyone :)

I will try to explain how I use it (but my English is limited ):

If you only do "one" movement with the node, and a fixed distance, is faster a shortcut* of original Interpolate Nudge (for example: Alt + Shift + 6 = NudgeRight10).
*FL only allow 10 macros shortcuts.

I usually do more than one movement with a node (and with different distances), in this case, my little tool is faster: I can change the distance on the moment and press the button (in any direction) and change again for fine tuning and so on...
I gain more control, and in the last term, velocity in complex movements.

I use a shortcut for quick access to the tool, the focus is in the text field so you can change directly the number, you can also change easily the default value(10) of script by another...

I would like that something similar (or better, maybe a window that allow change the selected nodes, MM compatible, etc) comes built-in in new versions of FL...

Regards and thanks to all for the comments...


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FLS5's Interpolate Nodes is good for detailed adjustments when a couple of nodes should be moved individually. (Unfortunately, there is a nasty bug in Mac FLS5 which makes it impossible to do correct numerical adjustments.)
But for many things this is over the top, and I simply want to select a few nodes that should stay where they are and then select some other nodes and move them simultaneously. This is why I built the Transformer interface around FLS5's Interpolate Nodes.
Interpolate Nudge in turn (and either the interface version this thread is about or Andreas Eigendorf's Tool version) is useful for editing curves which consist of, say, top and bottom extrema, with a left or right extremum to be moved, and no intermediate on-curve nodes between these extrema.
Each tool serves specific needs (a specific user or specific type of curves) and there is no one-fits-all.

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Karsten, and others who have tried them, how do these relate to Font Remix Tools and UFO Stretch?

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Hello Bill. All the tools mentioned above are meant to adjust one (or more) curve segment(s) between static points and one (or more) point(s) repositioned by the designer -- intermediate (off/on-curve) points are adjusted relative to the repositioning of the repositioned point(s). RMX Tools and UFO Stretch in turn need at least two masters, and with a combination of interpolation and scaling inbetween these, they reduce/enlarge, condense/expand, lighten/bolden entire letters.

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