Is SOHO sacrilegious for a school identity?

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I am working on a school identity for which I have chosen Soho.

My friend {who is more experienced and learned in this field} considers the choice 'sacrilegious'. While I love the way it looks.

I would like to hear from the denizens of TYPOPHILE, what they think about the choice of the typeface.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention. The logo type is in uppercase.

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More than sacrilegious I would call it bland. A slab serif for a school identity, seriously? ;-)
Now this* would be sacrilegious! ;-)


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What religion is your friend?

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What religion is the school?

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Riccardo, indeed the best-named font in history is "JesusLovesYourSister"!


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@ riccard0 > I can understand if a particular typeface is a bad choice, but why should a category of typeface be bane for a particular category of identity. Here is a beautiful Slab Serif example.


@ sii > REFER ABOVE.

thank you for the feedback people. but would really like some constructive thoughts on this.

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The letterforms of Soho are kind of sacrilegious now that you mention it . . . I never noticed before. Perhaps students deserve something less cliché, so a slab might be a good choice after all.

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For a slab, what about a brand new one, Museo Slab?

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You haven't provided enough information to comment on the choice of typeface.

What type of school is this?
What is the history of the school?
Where is it located?
Are the students and faculty more conservative or progressive?

In general, the education field tends to use classic, serif typefaces.
Unless you're an art school.

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"constructive thoughts on this."

Thoughts on the term 'sacrilegious' being used out of context?

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I never wrote "bane". I wrote "bland", in the sense that slab serif typefaces are overused for school identities. That said if you don't want anything innovative, go for it.

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Show us what you have so far.

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Yeah, I agree that we don't have enough to go on. It could work just fine with the right execution. I don't think there are any rules as far as what anyone should use for educational design (slab serifs are "overused"? "Use a serif unless it's an art school?")

Your friend is being a bit dramatic.

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I think a carefully-chosen slab can in fact serve as a nice bridge between the novel and the familiar. But Soho is too close to the latter.

In any case though: Yes, more details please!


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