Bold Monday website launched

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Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce the opening of our website at

Our website presents the Bold Monday collection of retail fonts – they can be seen, tested and purchased directly – together with an overview of our work on custom fonts.

To celebrate the launch a special promotional package is now on offer for a great price. The “Bold Monday Sampler” includes 13 carefully selected fonts from various families such as Pinup, Flex, Panno, Feisar Express and Nitti Typewriter. It is the perfect introduction to the Bold Monday collection and can be bought for 149.00 Euros. More info:

Best wishes for 2010,

Paul van der Laan & Pieter van Rosmalen

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looks great... Bookmarked thanks guys.

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I wish you both all the best of luck with sales etc.


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Congratulations for the new Website.
Your introduction offer is really nice.

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Congrats, and good luck!

BTW, did you consider "Pvan" as the name of your foundry? ;-)


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Thank you for the kind comments!

@sacha timplan:
If the Bold Monday Sampler proves to be successful we will consider doing more of them in the future.

That would not be fair to Petr van Blokland, now would it..? ;)

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