Where to download? Omani-printed version of Quran

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Respected members,

More than one year ago there was a news about first ever Omani-printed version of Quran launched, I tried to find some of its samples or print screen but failed.

""The e-Quran will be available to all users from the ministry's website, so that they can benefit", (part of the news).

Deco Type - linguistic experts and designers of computer-aided typography - have designed the electronic Quran. (part of the news),

link of the news.

If someone have samples or link from where to see the samples or to download, It would be highly appreciated.

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A web search finally led me to


as apparently being the ministry on which this Quran would eventually be hosted, but the page does not display at all in my browser.

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Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your efforts. I also found this site, but unable to open in Firefox, but in Internet Explorer opens, but found no link regarding Quran Font.

In the news I read that DECO TYPE are the developers or consultants of this project, Can anyone from Decotype help me, or any any link to download the said font or samples.

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