(x) Very extended retro slab serif - (similar to) Hellenic Wide {Lex}

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I've seen this nice light extended slab serif typeface on 50s-60s signage, parking garages, schools, libraries, and old wood type block printing, but could never identify it! It's not Adore, Memphis, Serifa, Egyptienne, Beton... but it kind of resembles an extended Stymie, especially with the pointy bottom of the "N". I used to admire it daily on my way to the A Train in Bed-Stuy on a school on Malcolm X Blvd.

thanks all,

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Similar to Hellenic Wide.

- Alex

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Yes, very close, all of them, especially Hellenic Wide. It's just the pointy "N" that's different. Probably was just customized. Any other suggested possibilities are welcome :)


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How about Nick Curtis's Centralia Depot? He says it's based on a 1912 ATF typeface.

- Mike Yanega

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I always seem to come incredibly late to these threads, but the sample you uploaded reminds me of Deming from Lost Type.

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