A good italic companion for Museo

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I am in the process of building a website setted in Museo http://www.josbuivenga.demon.nl/museo.html .

I will embed the font with @font-face so no need for sifr and the likes.

I have a couple of questions for you experts : )

First of all, I am looking for a good companion italic for the font (it misses one), what do you think of museo slab http://www.josbuivenga.demon.nl/museoslab.html ? Could it fit?

Second, do you think Museo can be a good font for body text or is it best to limit its use to titels and short bursts of text?

Third, in case you think the font is not suited for body text, could be museo sans http://www.josbuivenga.demon.nl/museosans.html a decent one?


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The lighter weights of Museo are excellent body types, you just have to find creative ways to handle the lack of an italic. I found that using Fontin provides a nice contrast to Museo and it’s more interesting than just being obvious and using the old regular/italic standbys.

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Thanks for your reply.

Sorry but I am not native english language speaker, could you explain the meaning of "old regular/italic standbys" ?

And, if i don't ask for too much ; ) what you think about using the italic from Museo Slab?


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Probably a year too late, but the release of the italics should be only a couple of days away.

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