What Font To Use?

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Hello everyone,

Anyone can suggest me what best font to use for both "Akuarium" and "AKUARIUM" words in Serif and Sans Serif?

Expensive common font is doesn’t matter as long as the design result is good looking.



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Contact me if you like it.

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If it's for a logo, you could customize the right "leg" of the K with a swash. Which could (or not) join the left stem of the A.

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"Anyone can suggest me what best font to use…"

Please give some more details about your project. For example, what "feeling" should this have – classic or modern, high-class or accessible for everyone, …? There are very many beautiful fonts out there, and they all "feel" a little bit different. So we would really need to know more about what you are planning to do, and who the audience is.

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What Nina said. Making a logo is not some formal exercise guys.


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