(x) Bodoni-esque font on newest issue of House Beautiful Magazine - Didoni/Eloquent {Stephen L}

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Hi! I am having one hell of a time finding this exact font "Makeovers" on this new issue of House Beautiful. I keep getting close but I cannot seem to find it. Any ideas on the foundry or name? Thank you!

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Possibly a customised version of URW's Didoni?

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Mark Simonson wrote in this older thread (about Pistilli Roman):
Phil Martin’s Didoni is a close copy, but the digital version’s hairlines are not nearly as thin. Phil’s version was not a straight knock-off. He added a bunch of swash and alternate characters. Ironically, Phil’s contributions are missing from the URW digitization, so what you get is essentially just a knock-off of Pistilli Roman.

Hence, this might be the 'original’ swashy Didoni, or an unknown digitization of it.

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Speaking of an “unknown digitization” …

Thanks to Paul Stonier, I’m now aware of Eloquent (again, because I somehow forgot about Rainer’s pointer) – “a much-requested digital revival of an old Didone style photo-typepositing face. This new digital version evokes late 1960s magazine advertising, and includes the rarely seen swash variant, and features several newly created alternate swash caps (A, J, Q, Z, M, K,R) and one new alternate lowercase swash (s) and several lowercase ligatures.” — Jason Walcott@Veer
Seems to be a hit.

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