E.A.Poe - Pandora Insel Verlag, 1920

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I need to identify fonts used in small publication by Pandora Insel VErlag, Leipzig in 1920.
E.A.Poe - The Raven and the other Poems + Philosophy of composition.

Mind the "R" , "P", "C" , italics

Probably more than one font family used.

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Hi Honza,
welcome to Typophile!

Are you interested in an ID, i.e. a name? Or are you also looking for close digital matches?
Image #4 should be a Walbaum.

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I'm looking for both:) Name of the font and closet digital match.
Welbaum seems to be the right choice for image #4, but it's still hard to find correct version.
Bigger problem is with other samples: I have no idea what font might be on image#1 ("R" is so characteristic, but still nothing matches), #2 might be some Goudy or Garamond version, but all version I've seen do not match Italic on #3.

Anyway it must be something created before 1920 :)

thanks for reply.

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As these are pre-digital samples we're likely to come up with nothing better than close matches. The text face is a Garamond, and it looks quite like Stempel's version.

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Took the words right out of my mouth. Nice work, Yves.

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Only image#1 still unsolved. It doesn't look like Garamond - different "M" and that flow in "R". Any idea?

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