Fontlab - Multiple Master Kerning Crash

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I'm a little bit confused and really don't know what happened the last two weeks.
I didn't open Fontlab since december 16th and yesterday i wanted to work again on a multiple master font which i created 2 months ago. Everything is working fine until the point where i want to adjust the kerning. When i change a figure in the kerning table, fontlag suddenly crashes.
This is just happening with MM-files, when i want to open a normal .vfb FontLab still works fine.

Does anyone know this Problem.

On my system there was just one change. The Installer wanted to update Java for Mac OsX.
I'm working with MaxOS 10.5.8.

I really don't know what happened the last two weeks.

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Same on my computer: FL crashes if I make any changes to the Kerning in an MM font using any method (entering numbers, dragging, etc.).

The only workaround I found was to create single master fonts, kern them, export an AFM for each and re-import the kerning in the MM font.
Note that, when importing a single master AFM, only the currently active master is affected so you can update the kerning for individual masters.

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This is good to know. I think for the first step i will try this.

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