Top 10 serif typefaces

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I'm writing a short little "book" called "Essential Typefaces", where I state typefaces I either consider essential or downright beautiful. I have 4 categories: Sans-Serif, Serif, Script and Blackletter. I have 6 typefaces per page, and so right now I'm at the point where I need 2 more serif typefaces to fill the last page.

I have pretty much every typeface in there that I want to have in there. So my question is, could you tell me your personal top 10 (or whatever number) serif typefaces? If I see enough typefaces I didn't put in there yet I will even consider adding another page.

I won't be stating the typefaces I already have because it's too many. That's why I'm asking for a top 10, so there's a bigger chance to see a typeface I don't have in there yet. Also, it needs to be a typeface that is easily available. I'm not looking for typefaces you only find in obscure typography books. I already have too many of those in there...

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Are you picking them based on any criterias?

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Fleischmann's #65. Not yet [properly] digitized (but I could get you a scan).

BTW, what do you have in there already?


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I said I wouldn't state the typefaces I have, but on your request I will state 2 serifs of each page I have:
Albertina, Arno Pro, Caecilia, Clarendon, Fleischmann, Haarlemmer, Lexicon, Mrs. Eaves, Proforma, Roos, Thesis, Trinité, Walbaum.

Those are just a few.

As for criteria, I really don't want to state any free typefaces because they're often incomplete. Also, I want to keep fonts that are not well available and fonts still in development very limited. As this document is called "Essential Typefaces" I want to involve the "legendary" typefaces. I think I put in quite a few of those, but probably not all. Furthermore, I want some diversity. That's all the criteria I have. So just state some you like, regardless of whether they're considered original or unique or not.

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Here's some, in random order, each one I think is interesting for some reason:
Garamond, Plume, Museo, Trajan, Joanna, Cochin.

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Garamond, Museo and Trajan are included. Cochin is pretty nice. I will consider it. Thank you for your input.

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I don't know what kind of criteria you are using to select, but I like these.

Goudy Old Style
New Baskerville
Adobe Garamond
Mrs. Eaves

///Gerardo Ruiz Babsia///

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I'll just throw in Arnhem, Berling, and Whitman. "Serif typeface" is a really broad category, but I'm guessing you are limiting this to typefaces for the Latin alphabet, widely available as digital fonts today.

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As of now, I don't need anymore typefaces. I chose Prelo Slab and Vista Slab as the final two.

As for your suggestions, I have all of those in there except for Berling, Whitman, Goudy and Rockwell. Berling I didn't know, but it's beautiful. I definitely have to add that one. As for the other three, I simply forgot about them. I never liked Rockwell though. But I do think Rockwell is quite essential.

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  • Jenson (revised by Robert Slimbach)
  • Garamond (revised by Robert Slimbach)
  • Goudy Old Style
  • Le Romain du Roi (revised by Gert Wiescher)
  • Fry's Baskerville
  • Bell
  • Rameau
  • Ambroise
  • Ionic (revised by Adrian Frutiger)
  • Lubalin Graph
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    Oh no need to name typefaces for me, though you're all welcome to continue this thread. It was an old project I kept expanding until I didn't know what would be the relevance of it anymore, though I learned a lot from the categorization in the process as it took a lot of research in history and styles, so not a complete waste.

    I've never heard of Rameau before but it looks beautiful. Why do you like Lubalin Graph?

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    I adore Lubalin Graph because of its delicate design: see the capital G and the capital Q.
    Anyway, I am bias, I admire Herb Lubalin's style.
    It's my favorite slab serif even though I enjoy Ionic.
    I pair Lubalin Graph with Avant Garde Gothic.
    For the record, Rameau takes its roots from Le Romain du Roi and Fleischmann.

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    It reminds me of the 90's which I don't find a good thing but that's probably a personal association which doesn't really have much to do with the typeface. It pairs well with Avant Garde Gothic, but I just don't like the typeface.

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    Well, one could always start with a list of the obvious, with perhaps two slightly self-indulgent entries...

    Times Roman
    Century Expanded

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