(x) Nashville wedding invitation by Perky Bros. @typeid from @sethotron - modified Adobe Caslon Italic w/ swashes {Max P, Jared}

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any idea what typeface they're using on their invitations here? its delicious: http://bit.ly/6QqcPm

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I've heard of foxtail terminals*, but that's ridiculous! :-)

* http://new.typographica.org/2009/typeface-reviews/ff-pitu/


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Yeah, there's some serious swashiness going on here.

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yeah, for real! Its really pretty, but i wonder if its customized...the terminals are leaves, which rather nicely matches the theme of the whole package..

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Isn't this (based on) Adobe Caslon Swash? Seems like we saw this enleafened version recently ...

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I'd agree. Adobe Caslon Pro Italic (Swashes) gets you the base. You'll have to contact Perky Bros for more.

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