Impact: history/origins?

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Anyone know anything about the Impact font? History, origins, etc.? I've been looking to do some work related to it, but don't want to step on any toes in the process.

If you've got an online reference that Google can't seem to point me at, I'd love a URL.

Much thanks.

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The description embedded in the font file (probably written by Robert Norton)

> 1965. Designed for the Stephenson Blake type foundry. A very heavy, narrow, sans serif face intended for use in newspapers, for headlines and in advertisements. Aptly named, this face has a very large "x" height with short ascenders and descenders.

As one of the Microsoft 'Web Fonts' it's become very widely installed. It's preinstalled on Windows and Mac PC's and commonly installed with the other Web fonts by Linux users.


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MyFont is a literal fount of knowledge.

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