(x) "Cornwallis" pub lettering - various options {Mike Y}

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It's probably a really obvious font - but any help in identifying this? I'm actually after something like this but a condensed version.



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There are a number that might work. Some are more condensed than others, but all are narrower than the hand-painted signage in your sample. Miller, Romantica Condensed, Simone, and Viola all have similar traits to the letters in your sample.

- Mike Yanega

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It looks like the OP may not be a professional who wants to buy a new font. Maybe Century Old Style in his font collection will do the job. There are more condensed typefaces like Onyx (ships with MS Office AFAIK) or - similar - Arsis (mine came with Lotus AmiPro/WordPro/Smartsuite.

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Thanks guys some useful suggestions! Might go with viola.

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