"Punkomatisch" ornamental serif face with curly bits

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Does anybody know this font or something close to it?
It's for my daughter's new website. So it would be nice if you know a free font, please?

Just the word "punkomatisch":


All the best for 2010 to all typophiles from Germany.


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Looks like Zephyr to me. It's only $20 but you could always check out DaFont.com...you might be able to find a free knockoff.

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> you might be able to find a free knockoff.

I totally understand your suggestion, as this is for his daughter's website, but we really prefer original freeware/shareware fonts over pirated commercial fonts. So either find a free alternative that's really close, or license Gábor Kóthay's original. But don't use stolen fonts.

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@Bald Condensed

I understand and totally agree with you. I'm not suggesting he use a stolen font. I only meant he may find something out there that is close in feeling and legitimately free. My recommendation is that for $20 he buy the original. "Knock off" was a poor choice of words on my part.

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I might've sounded harsher than I intended. :)

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Bald's first comment reminds me of Michael Everson.

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> Bald’s first comment reminds me of Michael Everson.

Hah! I hope that's a good thing. :^)

My first comment should remind you of a moderator popping up after too long an absence. Gotta keep this place clean and ethically sound.

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I sent her the dafont site. Thank you for the advise.

btw: I am pro like you are. Only in another area of prepress: www.bleisetzer.de
I'ld never use stolen fonts. :)

„Ich bin ein Preuße, kennt Ihr meine Farben...“

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