Alternatives to Papyrus

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The typefaces that tend to be suggested as alternatives to the much-maligned Papyrus have not seemed to me to even resemble it all that much. I thought I would dig around a bit, and find other possibilities.

Some of these, though, others have mentioned; I wouldn't want to leave out the best ones.

Ereshkigal (Scriptorum)
Codex (Linotype) [Calligraphic 421 (Bitstream)]
Present (Adobe) [President (Letraset)]
Scrivano (Outras Fontes)
Fran Hand (Signs of Gold)
Sonopa (Kenneth Woodruff)
Hermanita; Yngreena; Ingriana Casual; Federhosen (Ingrimayne Type)
P22 Lindrum (Sherwood Type)
Brinar; Albe Sans; Arturo; Altra; Altra Two (Hackberry)
Stellar Classic SG (Spiece Graphics; Ludlow)
Jubilee (Red Rooster; Stephenson Blake)
URW Alcuin Light
Ondine (Linotype, Monotype Imaging, Adobe, URW) [Formal Script 421 (Bitstream)]
Yan Roman JY (JY&A)
Maiandra (Galapagos)

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I was looking for a specific font, and did not have an image handy to use the search feature on MyFonts. That worked very well in finding Adobe Present for me, but for some reason its "fonts like this" feature seems to go all over the map.

I was looking for a font that looked a bit like Kingthings Petrock, but plainer - more like Post Roman, for example.

That doesn't even seem to exist; I found EF Karonlinger, Post Antiqua (and Scriptuale), Lucida Casual, and I even found EF Medieva... which looks like the old Magic: the Gathering font!

... oh, and did I mention Sanvito?

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Links help!

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To be frank, I don't think anything really resembles Papyrus that much (even in your list), and for good reason. In recommending my alternatives I attempted to match the general feeling of the face and the situations where it's often used.

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Here's another font, with a link; Plato (Wilton):

and here are links to some of the ones I mentioned above (some are calligraphic uncials with referents too obvious to substitute for Papyrus, I admit):













Interestingly enough, there were only four fonts in "More fonts like this", and Duckweed Sans, with a similar lowercase q, was not among them.

Duckweed Sans:

EF Medieva:

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Incidentally, I discovered that Elsner & Flake Papyrus is slightly different from other versions of that typeface: the capital letters are larger, and have a baseline below the line. A sample of that face which I saw on a web site matched Ereshkigal but not Papyrus because of that.

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Also, even if the fonts I've listed don't look much like Papyrus, I think they come closer than the ones suggested here:

And I've turned up another possibility; one of the "basic fonts" from Scriptorum, Procopius, might do. (It seems to be quite similar to Post Antiqua and Scriptuale, though.)

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For some reason, getting the fonts I'm looking for out of MyFonts is like pulling teeth. But I've found one other commonly used font which may substitute for Papyrus: Eva Antiqua from Linotype.

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Thanks for the links, John. Note the easy way to do clean links at the bottom of this page, first bullet point--using square brackets and vertical slash.

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How about Fable by Scholtz?

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Yes, in another thread I did mention Fable. Taking a closer look at it, perhaps Fable and Ereshkigal are the two closest alternatives; I originally ranked Fable fairly low due to its curved letters.

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To me the only resemblance between Papyrus and the typefaces you listed is that they're humanist. Furthermore I don't think they look much like Papyrus, which I consider a good thing. I quite like Caterina though.

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Some sort of Maiandra or Papyrus font was used in the James Cameron's movie Avatar.


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