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Hi Guys,

I appreciate that there are a lot of wise heads here and people who know the Font industry's online presence backwards, so I'd love to know the hierarchical state of third party Font sellers.

For instance, as I regularly get the MyFonts newsletter I was wondering whether MyFonts has a direct competitor? Are they the biggest? Is there someone bigger? Or someone on the horizon taking ground?

Who has the greatest piece of the pie when selling other designers Fonts?
Who's below them?

Cheers In Advance for any knowledge.


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I would guess that + brings in more revenue. As both Monotype Imaging and Bitstream are publicly traded companies the actual revenue numbers are probably posted somewhere.

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Related: Taking Your Fonts to Market: Foundry, Reseller, or Go Solo? on Typographica.
There, Stephen Coles stated: The major type resellers are, FontShop, MyFonts, and Veer.

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Oh, yes if Jack was looking for someone to sell his fonts then that link would be related. Monotype Imaging's slice of the pie would be skewed by their historical library offerings.

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