Suomi Script coming up

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I just got confirmation that Suomi Script with a fair amount of ligatures is released within 24 hours from MyFonts.

I did not manage 2000 ligatures, but there are al ot of more than just two-glyph ones there.

I have most of them in the pdf here:

Suomi09.pdf224.7 KB
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The idea was to take my own handwriting and get it ITC'd; grinded and polished beyond recognition. It think I succeeded.

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Looks really nice! But why on earth are there no alternate S's or S ligs? After all, you have two cap S's in the name.

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I did think of ligatures for all uppercase, but decided to just go with those that naturally flows with a pen, so, with'S', I would have had to make a big loop to connect any other glyph.

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And the fact is that I made this font in 2004. It sort of ended on a slow burner, when I got to 35000 kerning pairs, and FontLab caved in. It tried different methods, but FontLab refused to produce an OT font.

In the end, I had to remove most of the kerning pairs, and hope that people don't mind kerning by hand. I've already given Suomi Script for free to some that had been asking for it, and that is fine by me; they can use it.

Suomi Script was a study of OpenType possibilities, and I found the limit in kerning.

I could go and buy the program Tal Leming made, but for just this it's too expensive. And it might not work for this font.

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Congratulations, Tomi! May you release many more!


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Thanks, Chris-

I indeed will do my best.

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Can you believe it?

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Nice Font Tomi.
I too have found that Fontlab has a cap on how many kerning pairs that can be generated with opentype. I think its around 10,000. I wish it was infinite.

Can't wait to see what you produce next!


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Thanks, Charles-

Just looking for the boundaries. Will find some.

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On the kerning limits, you might be interested in this:

Metrics Machine does have a trick in it for getting around some of the limitations, as Ben Kiel explains in the talk.

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