EULA question.

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So I want to use Meta for my resume, a personal project. The typeface isn't mine. It's my company's.

If I were to use the font on the company computer, which has the license: Is that legal or illegal?

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If your employer has licensed the font for use on that machine, then any use of that font on that machine permitted by the license would be legitimate from the EULA perspective. However, your employer may have something to say about the uses to which the font, for which the company paid the license fee, are put. Why don't you go ask your boss what he thinks?

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Why don’t you go ask your boss what he thinks?

Because it may trigger the "Ah, thanks, good point. I just changed our policies to disallow this" ? :-)

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Not to mention the fact that one usually makes a resume to get a 'new' job, and you might not want the current boss to know you are doing so.

Of course, if this is the case, then using his computer to find a new job might be as bad as stealing a font.

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lol thank you everyone.

The simple fact is this: I am working for free part-time alongside my role as a student. The resume update is simply good house keeping; my employer already knows I'll be with them for two years (till I graduate). I am, however, looking into summer opportunities.

Thank you everyone!

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