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Hi all. I would appreciate your opinions on this typeface under construction. I want to create a monoline slab serif with a "DIN" feel to it, and to also be readable at text sizes. I have only given the letter spacing a cursory adjusting, so go easy there. But in the end I do see this having generous "air" between everything. Thanks.

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"Hotdogifonts" nice!

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I like it. I like all the tapered ends. The daggers, if you're ready to care about things like daggers, could use some of those. The top serif of the "d" is distracting and would probably be better turned back the other way. I think the bottom a-join of "ae" should not thin as much as in the regular "a", because there's no stem there.

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I too like the tapered serifs. They give a certain warmth to the characters that I really enjoy. And I also agree with cerulean in that the bottom a-join of æ looks a bit too thin. Your hyphens jump out at me really quick, too. I think they are too thick, by about 20 or 25%.

Perhaps there is more work to be done with the acute accent (´). I find it a bit too slanted and squished down. I think pulling back on the angle a bit and giving it just a bit of height will greatly improve them. Right now, it feels as though the acute accent has really nothing to relate to in the rest of the typeface design, and I think the angle makes it look somewhat thinner than other strokes in the design.

Finally, and this is probably a question of personal taste: I’d love to see an apostrophe with some curvature. It may help consolidate the overall warmth that I mentioned at the beginning. Or maybe not, but I’d try it anyway.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks. Good calls on the "æ" and "d." Didn't even see that. Your accent comments got me thinking about punctuation and diacritics altogether. I made some adjustments to get them more "in line" with the warmth that you pointed out. (rounding and ones in black) Those extras are so open to interpretation, yet at the same time bound by some strict guidelines. It's a great challenge.

Do you think the comma/semicolon should be curved like the quote marks?

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So I've been hard at work on this, expanding it into a small family. (now "Frusta") Just when I think I'm about done, there are some details that I feel could improve. Could I get your opinion on the terminal changes in the S,c,e, and s below? I can't objectively tell if this would be an improvement or not. I feel like it would make the characters more open and steady on the baseline. What do you think?

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You could also try a mix, for example using the "current" treatment for the bottom of /c/ and /e/ and "proposed" for the rest...

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The new ones seem more solid (especially S and s).

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Thanks for your input everyone. Here's the progress:

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