Oblik & Oblik Serif - out of Tour de Force's jail

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Like "Refused" said in their song "The Shape of Punk to come", Oblik could be "The Shape of new Fonts to come", we present you our uprising star - Oblik - that could shine in your monitors.

Modern family, stylish and secure, with it's own personality (it's photogenic, too), available for all kind of use, even you're an doctor or policeman or butcher or truck driver or maybe rock star, this font will rock your world.

A few of them are left in the stock ;)

Oblik @ MyFonts
Oblik Serif @ MyFonts


Oblik Serif

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New Italic styles for Oblik font family:

- Oblik Light Italic;
- Oblik Regular Italic;
- Olbik Bold Italic;
- Oblik Black Italic;

You can get Oblik Bold Italic for FREE and if you still didn't get Oblik Bold and Oblik Serif Bold for FREE, check one of these pages:

Ascender Corp.
Luth Norway

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The name doesn't make sense.
Oblique is a well-known term for a variety of italic (slanted) type, e.g. Univers Oblique.

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You just quoted Refused to market a font.

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Yeah, I'm not sure if quoting Refused to market these type families is the best idea. Maybe you just didn't get the message behind that album?

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Wow. :)

@ Nick - I know what you think. Maybe. But "obli" means on Serbian "rounded" (he is rounded, male 3rd person) and "obli" + "k" = Oblik = on Serbian means "Shape". Even it's not meant to be sold on Serbian market, we're still Serbians and we would like also to have our font names sound "readable" on English and Serbian at the same time, even if they probably can't have same meaning on both language.
P.S. - Now we have Italics also :)

@ Refused fans - Maybe I didn't, but that's just little play with words.. "The Shape of new Punk to come" into "The Shape of new fonts to come" > Shape = Oblik = name of font on Serbian = it doesn't have to be so damn smart or logical, it's just what I had in head then and found small similarities between an micro foundry and an cult underground band fought for it's values.
Can it go now? :)

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P.S. - Sorry everyone if I sounded rough and rude.

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You didn't sound rude.

Well the whole idea of "The Shape of Punk to Come" was that "punk" of their era was becoming completely mainstream; that is, they were defeating the entire idea and purpose of "punk." Their album was a step in a different direction in music of their time, especially of that in the same genre. I think we both mentioned it because the idea around their title was hugely metaphorical and this instance here strips it of that significance. :)

Congrats on the release, btw.

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