Linotype tshirts sold via Uni Glo store...

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The cheap (GAP like) Japanese clothing store Uni Glo in Wimbledon (London) has t shirts with Linotype fonts, Stop, Crillee, Slipstream and another for sale as a joint venture with Lino and the cheap jean retailer.

They are white, with black text that just repeat Stop, Stop, Stop, or Crillee Crillee Crillee or just Slipstream and finally a digital LED ASCII character set on each set. They also had some student designs that might not be Linotype tshirts.

They had them on the Manikins at the front of the store. I thought they just got them from Oxfam and stuck them under the button up shirts for the third world peasant look.

The end is near!

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I'll check out the Regent St store and see if they've got them in stock for us who dont live quite so west :-)

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Some pics were shown during Akira's talk at TypeCon. I thought the T's and Palatino Sans were spoofs, but maybe they are real after all!


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Both are real.

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