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I'm working on a logotype for a friend's etsy store. Her plan is to sell quaint/crafty items. She'll turn the logo into a rubber stamp, so she can stamp packing slips and such. This is the design I have so far, and this is her etsy page so far.

I'd like some feedback on the fitting-ness of this lettering, drawn on Illustrator from scratch. I was going for an etsy-ified antiquated feel, but patently 2000's since "BLoveLee" is a name that could not have existed pre-URLs.

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Nice! To my eyes, this would be better if you fitted the ornaments to the type, so that they dont cross each other in the corners of the text block (Top & bottom of the B, L-swash). Also look at how the L-tops connects with the ornaments in slightly different ways.
Maybe redraw the ornaments so that they look more custom- and/or hand-made. Make them look like they really belong togheter, not like they just have been put together, if you see what I mean.
Good luck!

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Thanks for the tips, Karin. I pulled the ornaments from a stock vector pack; the first result in a google query "floral vector pack". Looking again, yeah, there are a lot of collisions that could be refined with some more work.

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Here's a version with cleaned up ornaments, without any collisions.

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I'd be careful about putting those ornaments on a rubber stamp; at least consider making an adjusted, seriously coarser version of the logo for the stamp. From my experience, the thing with rubber stamps is that you can never control how much ink (and how much pressure) is applied… and even the wateriness of the ink tends to fluctuate based on climate/temperature/etc. And those tender ornaments won't tolerate bleeding too much.

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one thing i see in the 'b' is the number 13 or 73, the openness of the b doesn't provide much of a strong 'first character impression'.

additionally the way the L of lee is extended it looks like something's missing. i'd recommend shortening the l's 'swoop' to be tighter to the last e. i realize this is going to change the overall aspect of the letter but the composition is a little off.

Since she's all about craftyness and delicate things, think ribbon ... how about a flowing, ribbon curl-style vector to define the B L and L and then the regular type for 'ove' and 'ee'

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