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Hi there,
I've recently become a member of this wonderful place so therefore I've got a little project that needs some attention.

It's a logo for my own company YESYES. My main area is naming/corporate ID for newly started companies and Art Direction in general.

I wanted a plain and stylish logotype and also including symbol in order to make it flexible.

I've been through a dozen designs... and this is what I ended up with.

Comments are more than welcome!

/HenrikoYESYES final logo ?

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i really like it, very simple, very clear.

My onlu comment is that you should compensate the "Y"s, make them a little more wider and, and make the diagonals thiner, they look to thick to me if you compare them with the horizontals of the "E"s.

BTW, I love the color


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Hey Gonzales,

You really got a point there with the thickness!
I'll fix that!

Originally the font has a different angle according to my symbol so I had to alter the angle of the "Y" so they would fit together (have the same angle)

Therefore I'm a bit concerned about expanding the width of the "Y" - it could end up looking more like a "V"

Thanks for the critique anyway :-)


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Just the spacing:
1) A little bit tighter on the right of the first "Y", and the right of the first "S".
2) A lot tighter on the right of the second "Y".

I think that triangle logo works well.


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Nice Logo. :-)

Could there perhaps be something you could add in the way of character, to the letters to make them a little more unique?

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The negative space on the graphic element looks like a bikini bottom. And when you see it that way, the shape has hips and legs as well. Sorry.

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Hi all,

Thanks for all the construtive words...
I've merely corrected all the "loose" ends and other modifications...

But still I could really do with some ideas in order to make the characters look a bit more unique...

Anyone ??

As always thank you in advance :-)

/HenrikoYESYES logo v2

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BTW: Eric, I liked the idea about the bikini bottom... you're not the first to spot that :-)

It's like the old Bank of America logo where some people saw a birdshape and others didn't!

Still the ones who saw the bird, never saw the logo differently!

"That damn bird just wouldn't fly away"


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Jared >>

Interesting idea... but I must admit that I'm a rookie at geometrical shapes... I really don't know how to make such curved strokes by perfection... I work as an Art Director so I'm more used to sketch up ideas and plain composition :-) - Can I get some guidelines here ??


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The eagle in the old BofA logo was masterful. The new one is junk.


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I wonder what it would look like if the Y was drawn with curved strokes rather than straight ones. See here for an example in serif form.

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