Which Baskerville?

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I'm looking for a Baskerville (or similar) for display use. The font family should contain normal to heavy weights.

Any suggestions?



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If it doesn't have to be too Baskerville, Mrs Eaves is the prettiest - although you'll have to manually kern it up the wazoo. If you can drift further I might look towards Bell as well.

BTW, display Baskervilles generally come from the Fry's lineage, not the authentic JB branch. Just sayin'.


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Have a look at František Štorm’s version of Baskerville.

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@j weltin
storm's version is too playful, but thanks:-)

@ hrant

i'll have a look at bell:-)


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Unfortunately, Matthieu Cortat's Bonesana doesn't seem to have any heavy weights. It has ornamented capitals, though, which may be suited for display use.

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Also take a look at Bulmer.

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