Are they insane?

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Ok my clients wanted blue and decided on this logo

So then last night I get an email saying could I try the following (specifically with these colours)....

I ring them and ask them why the change in colour and apparently its because they looked at someone else's site and those were the colours they used.....they wanted fresh and modern and to me what they want looks terrible in these colours (conservative grey, too many competing elements in the logo with the colours)

I'm meeting with them in a few hours- and as I always say it's their logo at the end of the day...but can anyone else see where I am coming from??


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Those colors are not fresh and modern, they’re 1990s Designers Republic.

Anyway, what color do you use when you have to print the logo on white?

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Yes James thanks so how do I tell them its crap - without saying "its crap" ROFL.
There's a black and white version...part of the problem is there are two people in the team and one of them would of just gone with first option...but the other is interior designer and keeps tweaking things..I think it looks bankish or a football team...

Anyway wish me luck..


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I'm coming to this late...

you have to be careful with yellow on grey, though one of my favourite colour combinations I have had the problem of the yellow disappearing into the grey when just squinting a little - unfortunately it was the date of the event and I wasn't asked to do flyers for that club again!

I like the softness of the type. The tail of the g however is getting a bit close to its own bowl!

Hope you can think of other was to push this along...

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The new colors definitely don't scream "modern", however I don't think it looks awful at all. I have more problems with the loop of the g and width of the i than with the colors. You might be valuing your own taste too much.

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Hello, Maree.

Yes, they are insane. Sorry I'm late.

It's really hard to talk about design with a client, when they ask why you are using this colour and not the other, what's the difference between Helvetica and Comic Sans...

We must be prepared for this kind of questions. My way of telling a client that his logo is "crap" is by telling them that it is "non- functional" and asking them what they want to communicate, what values do they have as a business.

They might answer:
"We are a fresh and modern company that provides design solutions to bla bla bla..."

Now you have to take a big breath and start telling them why their propousal isn't communicating what they are as a business.

You can start saying something like:
"Yellow is a warm colour, in your propusal is losing power, it looks like worn out. The contrast with light grey isn't helping at all, it isn't a fresh colour. Beside, you are adding more colours to the logo, making it more difficult to recognize. If you go for one colour it is more recognizable, it's easier to be positionated in the mind of the client."

You may also do some research of all the competition logos that have the same colours, shapes, etc. You must convince them that the most important thing in a company is to be different from the competition.

That's another very important point, competition.

I'd love to keep writing about this subject, I really like talking to clients, it's a trhilling moment that defines you... But my english is quite rusty and I'm afraid I'm not making too much sense.

I recommend you this blog:

And this special article:

Let me know how it was.


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Positioning is another cool concept:


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