(x) cake tin typeface - probably handlettered, various alternatives {Yves, Jacob, Riccardo, Mike Y}

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can anyone identify the typeface that the word "cake" is written in?

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It is very unlikely this is a typeface or has an equivalent as a digital font. Letters stamped in metal usually are especially made for the stamping machines.

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do you know of any typeface that looks like this that is available digitally?

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wow - could that be the original inspiration for Chicago? ;)

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@Jacob LOL. Chicago has always been the tacky tongue-in-cheek font IMNSHO.

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A squared Peignot. Also look at the order of thick-thin strokes of that A.
It reminds me of this:

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A little rounder, but similar in construction:

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How about Radiant? It seems like a Deco style to me.

- Mike Yanega

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