Where to go - what to see?

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Where would you go if you were given fours days and a bag of money? What would you like to see, what would you visit?

The reason I'm asking is because that's just happened to me (and some co-workers)! We have been given some money and time to go on a study trip. Preferably Europe, but New York could be an option. The catch is, that it has to be relevant for our work (we're all teaching graphic design, typography, photography) :-)
So, any ideas?

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Hey, nice. :-)
Would you prefer to see more of what you know, or maybe discover a less well-known [typo]graphic culture?

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Copenhagen! You already are there and four days in New York are not worth to change the climate.

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We're open for suggestions, so just bring 'em on!

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See if you can convince them to let you go somewhere not too exotic, but still on the fringe of Europe: Yerevan, Armenia. You'll see a lot of it in four days (on foot), and it's a place very into "visible language"*, with Latin, Armenian, Cyrillic and Arabic (Farsi) all over the place**. You'll see how fonts, logos and visuals in general can get distorted***, or improved upon. Plus it has good food and cool architecture, it's inexpensive, and most of all very hospitable and safe.

* http://www.flickr.com/photos/ninastoessinger/sets/72157621930145718/

** http://www.flickr.com/photos/48413419@N00/4130151382/

*** http://www.flickr.com/photos/ninastoessinger/3798351518

Perhaps most interestingly, the Armenian script seems to stride a very
fruitful border between the familiar and the alien to a Latin-scripter:
It's exactly the sort of thing that can inspire and liberate a designer.

But: what time of year?


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There are of course very many places you could visit and not regret it. New York is of course tons of input and crazy, but 4 days might really be too short (mind the jet lag).
But given that you're open to discovering something a bit off the proverbial beaten path, I actually (whole-heartedly) recommend Armenia too! I traveled there last summer, and found it very stimulating in terms of visual input: indeed, familiar (and hospitable) enough to not make one feel out of place, yet foreign enough to be surprising and inspiring. It's an amazing, rich culture to discover; and seriously obsessed with letters too. (Plus your bag of money will definitely last longer than if you come to Switzerland…)

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If you can find an ex-Reading student to give you the low-down a trip to Rome might be a good use of four days and a fist full of euro.

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A Fist Full Of Euro
Clint Eastwood, right? Great movie. Great spaghetti.
Rome's gotta be it.

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> Clint Eastwood, right? Great movie. Great spaghetti.
> Rome’s gotta be it.

just a little 'problem'; the film was shot in Spain

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go to England; see the Great exhibition by Frank Auerbach


don't miss Anish Kapoor,Richard Deacon, Dan Graham


and if you love photography: http://springprojects.co.uk/flash.html

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This time of year i would go for somewhere warmer, interesting stuff all over the world

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If it's going to be in Winter and you shun cold weather, maybe Thessaloniki. It has some of the attributes of Yerevan I described above, although it's not so chock-full of letters and it's mostly limited to two scripts. And then of course there's Barcelona. And Beirut. :-)


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