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Today is John Baskerville's birthday, and to celebrate, we've updated the Typophile calendar with a slew of new birthdates. Now you won't miss the chance to celebrate with some of our closest friends in the typography community, including:

Josef Albers - John Baskerville - Saul Bass - Herbert Bayer - Ed Benguiat - David Berlow - Lucian Bernhard - Roger Black - Erik van Blokland - Giambattista Bodoni - Josef Müller Brockmann - Neville Brody - David Carson - Matthew Carter - Stephen Coles - Wim Crouwel - Jakob Erbar - Pierre Simon Fournier - Adrian Frutiger - Eric Gill - Milton Glaser - Frederic Goudy - Luc(as) de Groot - Jonathan Hoefler - Anton Janson - Edward Johnston - Tibor Kalman - Mr. Keedy - Rudolf Koch - Zuzana Licko - El Lissitzky - Ottmar Mergenthaler - L


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Thanks. This is great. Suddenly it is all making sense, my obsession with Giambattista. :-)

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I share a birthday with L

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On the other hand, Cassandre committed suicide exactly the day before I was born, and his Peignot was actually an alphabet reform effort, so I guess the Cosmic Powers meant for that spirit to carry on?... :-)


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Please, can the News & Events column not become a place for personal postings? I am sure that there are a lot of people besides myself that find additional junk mail very frustrating and a drain on their time.

I apologize for adding to this, but I am rather disappointed that Typophile doesn't police its postings in a more professional manner.

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I agree. Discussion about News & Events should take
place in the General Discussion forum. Maybe there's a
way to add a link to the bottom of each News item so
that creating a new topic about it is easier.

(Sorry David, I guess you'll get this onbnoxious message now.)

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Absolutely. We apologize for the inconvenience this has no doubt caused to the users.

The message board software is somewhat limited in this realm. Future posts will go into a queue where a moderator will have to approve them.

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Hey, nice!
BTW, John Downer's birthday is in two days.

Mine is, of course, June 18.


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