Celebrating Helvetica

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hie there peps. im having to do this typographic big project with the theme Celebrating Helvetica. i need your views on what u think of Helvetica. flood me.

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Let me add a little more.

The brief says: "Bending the rules with different ideas. Exploring above the line."

To design a campaign to promote a showcase or past and present typefaces in an annual designer's forum.

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Well, personally i don't find this to be a very exciting task, mainly because the brief's quoute you showed suggests me something like either wacky or "minimalistic" settings with Helvetica light punched out on spot color blocks, but maybe I'm being a bit blind and unimaginative.

I guess that what I mean is that it's a good idea to avoid this classic "designer Helvetica settings". Anyway, does Helvetica actually needs promotion? It's omnipresent.

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Check out this thread and do a search here with 'Helvetica' for a lot of other comments as well. I found John Hudson's comment particularly interesting.

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Emigre's Q&A with designers on helvetica one or two issues ago (I think it was the standing on shoulders issue) is all you will ever need as far as Helvetica commentary

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there are two nice books about helvetica

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