Edwardian Script with a different capital Z? - various suggestions {Seb, Rainer, Mike Y}

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Hi Typophiles

I am working on a packaging project with Edwardian Script ITC as the secondary typeface. The capital Z however is a bit tricky.

Do anyone know of a script that has a capital Z that would fit together with Edwardian Script but be more regular in it's shape? Right now I am trying on Snell Roundhand on for size but would like to hear from you. The Z has to stay above the baseline because I need to place a small text below. Worst case I need to draw the Z myself but it would be an easier process if I could substitute the letter and kern my way to a nice result.

I did a search and someone posted Ballantines, but the capital Z looks a bit like a capital L to me...

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What about Dorchester Script?

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Try also the Z’s of Fling, Citadel Script or Diplomat.

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Tried the Dorchester Script. The Z has the main weight on the vertical strokes + I find it a bit too detailed...

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Citadel Script could be a nice alternative. It is a bit loopy in the top but the harmony with Edwardian is quite good. Thanx

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How about Pouty, or Rastko, or Pirouette Separate One?

- Mike Yanega

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