Type ID Cold Case Files: January 2009

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Anyone up for an impromptu battle of Type ID skills?

I've been digging through our archives, and found these (gasp!) zero-response posts from January 2009 that never got solved. I'm teeing them up for you Type IDers who love a good mystery.

If you solve them, respond on the respective thread and let us know back here if you've closed it out. Can we get them all?

We'll track the results (who solved it, and how fast) and post a scoreboard here as they're solved. The timer starts as of this posting.

Ready.. Set.. Go!

anyone know the id of this font?
Ronan Bennett - "Zugzwang" condensed gothic / SOLVED by Jan, Justin_Ch
Can you identify this font?
Can anyone name this font or find something simliar?
Need help ID'ing this one / SOLVED by Rasmus Michaëlis

Help please, can you ID this font? thx

any clues?
looking desperatly for the name of this font
Two fonts for One Drop
Grunge font identification / SOLVED by JL
500 - Chunky font - any ideas?
What font is this?

solutions font id / SOLVED by himasf
Can anyone identify this font

Book cover typeface

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Those are tough. I identified only one so far: the grungy one under DISPLAY

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The Ronan Bennett "Zungzwang" cover was solved for me by Jan in another thread back in April. I've just updated my thread although I probably should have done it back then.

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solutions fond id is Amienne

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Need help ID’ing this one

The typeface is custom, Carlsberg Sans, for Carlsberg - by Kontrapunkt.

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I think Mike Yanega solved this one.

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Under // DISPLAY, 'any clues?'

Custom type from Spin. To find more of it, see 'Identity' section of their site and find the project 'PROA Building'.

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