Apply Stroke patterns to a typeface in FL

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for a display typeface with OT alternates i'm looking for a way to best make the following stroke patterns. this is of course a not so perfect example, exporting to illustrator and using pathfinder and re-exporting to fontlab obviously leads to points being moved to fit onto the 1000pt grid.

action/gradient is the nearest effect i could find and i guess i would need a python script to really make this work, but have no idea where to start. is there anyone that by chance already has such a script and would like to share it, or something similar? :)

thanks for any help!

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nobody knows anything?

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What about just doing a "subtract" in FontLab with an overlay of lines?


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ehm.. ok, i'm ashamed. i asked a friend who's a font geek and he didn't know of the substract (delete intersection) feature.. i should've checked myself :) thanks hrant!

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