Code name: Xenonsequitor - Critique needed

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This design started out from imagining that the dotless ı was the basic i, and the dots on i and j were diacritics. I was traveling in Turkey and Hungary at the time, and the other diacritics flowed naturally.

Please let me know what you think, good or bad. I'm also looking for a name, if anyone has any suggestions.

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I love the name and how the accents work! It seems awfully dark though. I can't see typesetting a book with this (at least not as it is now). Also the UC "U" seems confused - I like the idea but the eye just goes straight to the right top edge and wonders why it doesn't "feel" (if not look) symmetrical. I think this happens for other letters as well. So I would suggest thinking of how to balance them a bit more while retaining the "idea". Just some thoughts.

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New version uploaded with kerning by FontForge's auto-kerning, which is actually pretty good.

@bemerx25: Thanks for the comments. This font is intended more for signage and headlines, not body text, but it would be nice to make a version for body text. Are you talking about the U in the name, where's its next to the I? I think it might be the combination of those two letters contributing to an unbalanced feeling.

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I'm pleased to announce that Xenonsequitor has been renamed Anadolu, and is now available for purchase at

For the first week, (until March 11th) Typophile readers will get a 20% discount with the code TYPOMAR10.

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