FDK 2.5, languagesystem DFLT dflt, CS2

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I'm using the FDK 2.5 to generate some fonts with and I noticed that the OpenType features in these fonts do not work in InDesign CS2 (and CS as well). I'm suspecting that this has to do with the required "languagesystem DFLT dflt;" statement in the new FDK. However, in CS3 and CS4 the features work just fine.

My features don't use any language or script tags (the fonts contain latin glyphs only). I've also tested what happens when I add 'script DFLT; language dftl;' to all the features but this is to no avail as well.

Does anyone have a clue how to make CS2 recognise features with the FDK 2.5 syntax?

Thanks in advance,


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You need the 'latn' script tag, combined with a 'dflt' language tag.

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Hi John,

Karsten suggested the same thing and that proves to be the solution.

Many thanks for you help!

-Paul van der Laan

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