Good font families for personnel magazine?

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Hi. I have a problem. I had a great plan to use Fedra sans and Fedra serif ( for big, industrial corporations personnel magazines family. Unfortunately Fedra was out of the game since the brand manager didn't want to see font that's she's seen before in one of their publications. (come on, redesigning doesn't mean that you really have to get rid of everything good as well!)

Fedra was so perfect:
-it had some playfulness and softness, big variety of weights, it suports all needed languages (Russia, slavic languages etc). I really need to get out of being upset with my great idea using Fedra crashed, and find something totally new: something that is not too serious, but is clear and fresh and speaks to people working in the factories and does it in all those different languages.

please, cheer me up! Thanks

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Perhaps you could switch to Parisine?

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Thanks for suggestions! I would seriously consider them, just that they are lacking Cyrillics.

Oh, boy, I could make a book about "yes it's cool, but it doesn't support scandinavian, cyrillic and East Europian glyphs" That's what you have to deal in Finland all the time with!

Anyways. What do you think about Leksa? I have my doupts that it might be too oldish and stylish for my purpose? But I love it!

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Leksa is quite different from Fedra's feel I think.
If you need cyrillic maybe take a look at Parachute's fonts, f.e. Centro Sans + Serif.

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