What do you think of this logo and font suggestions

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A friend is a graphic designer and came up with this for my new side business. I like the logo and now I am looking for fonts to go with the logo on my website or print media.

Looking for heading, subheading and text fonts that are playful but still professional.

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I dont think the outline on "bee" is necessary. Also is "two" in a different font? If so why? Maybe you could use the bold version of Avenier (I think that is the font used for "bee") or use the same font for both "two" and "bee" and just make the "two" a bold/heavy/black version.

Just my opinion, though, the illustration was very nice.

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Why is there only one bee?

Nick Cooke

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Thanks for the comments. My friend is working on incorporating another bee into the logo. We went with the outline on the "bee" because the plain yellow didn't show up that well when printed on white media. Can you suggest another way to do the "bee" without the outline so that it will show up?

I really like Avenier. I also like to mix and match fonts some. What would your recommend to go with?

Thanks again. Since this is a small side project with a very small budget, all your opinions help so much.

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cute drawing; outline -- keep it the same color; head -- the yellow is not right, you can't have two highlights; right leg -- is not right.

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