Logo for a medium technical company

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this is the logo i've designed for
a medium technical company that fixes
PVC,Laminate,Stores etc...
the fonts have been used in greek cause it
considers a greek company also i've used
a moto the client told me about...
this is going to be used for a business card
that is ready but i would like to hear an opinion
about this logo...i'll say again that it is going
to be used for a medium company so i believe it
hasn't to be much official...
thank you!!!

ilias_logo.pdf42.1 KB
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I think the red should be a similar size & weight to the black. What is the reason for the handwritten look of that letter?

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hi,i believe that the handwritten look
gives the character of the manual job...

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I concur that the handwritten Ε is a little weak. There's no need to make it as bold as the black text, because the red already add to its visual "weight". But a little bolder/larger should be better (I would made a little less thin the 40 too).
Also, I think you should align all the red text to the vertical center of the black one and not to the baseline as it is now.

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i'll try to make the red letters egual only in height
and a little bit bolder,i'll also try to make something
completely different(based on the shape of a carpet)...

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If you're going to go with hand-drawn 'E's, go with actual hand-drawn 'E's. Because they're exactly the same, they don't look hand-drawn. Get out the India ink and a brush, and make eight strokes.

If you feel the need to use a font, don't go with one as readily available as Bradley Hand.

- Lex

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hi, thanx for your response...

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