Gerusa Type Family - 2 cuts for free!

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Gerusa Type Family will be released today!

Gerusa is a technical sans-serif typeface family by

It features a 1000+ glyph set per cut, with (almost) monospaced uppercase and text-suitable lowercase characters, a very complete set of diacritics, math glyphs, greek and a full range of OpenType features.

This family is OCR and ISO inspired, with an engineering/architectural feel, robust and pragmatic, with the usual technical ugliness chopped away.

Gerusa Medium and Gerusa Medium Italic are available for free!

You can check it here:
Gerusa at Loligovulgaris
Gerusa at Behance Network
Gerusa at MyFonts


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Any thoughts about it?

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Could be prudent behaviour by your fellow Typophiles…
IMO the 'pay off' is completely besides the point: ISO/OCR fonts are always ugly.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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I like it's ugliness, it reminds me of some of my Fontstruct experiments! ;-)
But I think you would do better showing the roman and then advertise that there's also an italic. That in order to take advantage of the resurgence of the octagonal fad (at least judging by the type ID's requests).

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bert_vanderveen: Thank you and no, they aren't.

riccard0: Inteligent suggestion, I'll have it in mind! Thank you very much!

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