Wordmarks that combine serifs and sans

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Hello all,

Im interested in people's opinions and examples of wordmarks that demonstrate good use of combining both a serif and sans font. Preferably all within the one word, though examples of this in two or more words would be good to see.


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I made this one nearly a decade ago.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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This is an editorial design meme, seen in the Edward Jones wordmark.
Over 10,000 franchises apparently.
I would have made the x-heights the same.
Don't know where it originated.

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Very interesting to see, thanks all. The Guardian mast head is a good example certainly. Id be interested to know if anyone has seen this sort of typographic treatment done successfully/pleasantly within the one word though.

If anyone has others to throw into the mix then go ahead!...

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In the "not so successfully/pleasantly" quarter there's the Acer wordmark.

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