Preview of Lowndes

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Greater Albion has just published a preview of an imminent special release for Christmas on their blog. Lowndes is a friendly black letter face which emphises readability and approachability. View the preview here.

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Thats very nice!

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Can I politely ask that you stop posting previews. I'm not trying to be a jerk, you just do this way too frequently. This board is for announcing when fonts are actually released and you clearly already have a blog.

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Actually, this board is styled as being for "Licensing, royalties, and the fine art of self-promotion". I'm sure previews of imminent releases fit into the latter category somehow Jackson-by all means don't read them if you're not interested. I always make sure to lable a preview clearly.

That saaid (and also not trying to be a 'jerk') Lowndes is now released here on Glad you like it Charles.

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