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Hello, everyone!

My work will actually get printed for real for the very first time and your feedback would be so much appreciated. THIS IS A FAVOR TO A FRIEND AND I ONLY HAD ONE DAY TO WORK ON IT. I had numerous versions, but this is the one that we came to agree to like the most.

This is the front of an invitation, but I have two versions in a pdf file put as a spread just so that you could compare the subtle differences (in placing of the information and typographic details). The theme of the exhibit is Dec14th of 2009 (it will feature the work of both the photographer as well as the fashion designer).


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If that large number is the date, then that's far off in the future! :->
(If not, it's confusing.)

Other than that: Cool, clean, neat. The type treatment seems to go very nicely with the image I think.

I *think* I'd prefer the right hand version, but it's hard to tell like this. Can you maybe put a border around the actual page size?
(In any case, the "»" arrows/guillemets are better with a space after them.)

Oh, and I don't know how it is in other languages, but you might want to put at least a thin space after the periods in the date, on the right side.

EDIT/PS: It would probably have been better to post this in the Critique -> Typography section, for the next time :)

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Thaks so much Altaira for a feedback!! I will post this in the Critique now. Sorry I had no idea. :-(

Anyway; the large numer is the date far off in the future. That is the theme of the exhibit and to have it set like that was meant to be misterious/confusing/undefinied and explained better in the rest of the photography from the series and/ or when the exhibit takes place.

I will fix heh space after the periods in the date!

"Ad augusta per angusta."

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