(x) Hasselblad Center Poster, sans serif? - MT Grotesque {Jan}

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I know I know it, I just can't remember… anyone know?

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Some version of Akzidenz Grotesk surely, but which one??

greetings Jeffrey

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Nah, that awkward "a"…
I think my money's on Monotype Grotesque.

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I'd say Gothic 720 Roman is pretty close.

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Gothic 720 is Bitstream’s version of Monotype Grotesque, basically the same typeface.

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Shame on you, it’s Venus.

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Jürgen, it’s not.
It is either MT Grotesque or Gothic 720.

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Shame on me! I think you’re right, Jan. The 5 and 9 are narrower in MT Grotesque. These old Grotesques are all very close.

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Thanks guys. Glad we sorted that out.

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