(x) 'Burns & Cotter': Serif Font... seems familiar, just can't place it - University Roman {Nick C, Riccardo}

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I am trying to place main font in this image. It seems familiar, but I can't figure it out! Thanks!

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University Roman.

Nick Cooke

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Close. I thought that might be it too, but it wasn't.

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It is University Roman. It has been squooshed a bit.
The swashy end ‘r’ can be found in the Letraset version.
The differences in ‘B’ and ‘t’ might be due to the fact that this is a pre-digital version.

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The Tilde version has the B:

Also, the t could be constructed with the stem of other letters. Or be from here:

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Good sleuthing, Riccardo!
‘Forum Flare’ – omg.

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