Close, but no cigar.

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I finally finished the obliques for Suomi Slab Serif, and sent the files to MyFonts, so this family is soon available:

It has six weights with optically corrected obliques. Attached also a more comprehensive pdf.

SuomiSlabSerif.pdf700.83 KB
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Tomi, I'm intrigued-why do you head your post "Close, But No Cigar"? Suomi Slab Serif looks an excellent face in its own right.

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Hello, Paul-

It's "Close, but no Cigar", because in small point sizes you might confuse it with American Typewriter, but at closer look you'll see it's totally different.

That was the idea behind Suomi Slab; to have those Clarendon features, so prominent on (in?) American Typewriter, but to go as far away as possible from the round, polished and slacking forms of American Typewriter.

And thank you for your comment. I'm pretty proud of this one.

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