Eurostile woes & A request

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Greetings everyone,

I call upon the vast knowledge of you all since I'm searching for the following:

We all know Eurostile, and while it's a fine font, it's being abused to no limit. I seek those abuses ! I spent hours searching in various bookstores with a nice supplement of extremely old and bad SF/Fantasy [where Eurostile is much in demand] but couldn't find a single one ! oh yes, all other 60-80's favourites passed, DIN, Data 70, etc but no Eurostile !

So while I can go search on with no end in sight, I hope some of you might have seen things like this, the older, the worse, the better ! I'm sure there are even books typeset in it, which would be even better. I'm still searching myself, and seem to find more Eurostile in dance/trance music covers and bad suspense novels.

Extra kudos for books translated in a different language ! [those tend to end up designed pretty poorly and have bad typesetting]

Thanks in advance,


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