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hi, everybody
I need some more help for my 1200 ligatures. Can I substitute a combination of letters only if it's in the beginning or at the end of a word? Or if it's a whole word?
Thanks alot

Konstantinos Siskakis

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Yes. Use the feature clig (contextual ligatures). For a beginning or end of word it helps to use a lookup along with classes for letters.


@Letters = all letters except space

feature clig {
lookup clig_dsend {
ignore sub d' s' @Letters;
sub d' s' space by d_s.end;
} clig_dsend;

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Thanks Stephen
It seems to be simple... What about the substitution of a whole word?

Konstantinos Siskakis

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Hello all, my first post here.
Having created a 'salt' feature for Stylistic Alternates in my OT-PS fonts with FontLab,
I find that MS-Word cannot see them.
In Word, RIGHT-CLICK on text, select FONT > ADVANCED > STYLISTIC SETS: 'Default' appears.
Clicking on this drop-down reveals Set 1, Set 2 Set 3 etc.
So how does 'Set 1' relate to a feature in the OT font table?
Should the 'salt' feature be linked in some way to ''Set 1'?
FontLab forum offers now clue, nor does anything I can find on the net.

I note that some designers are using Stylistic sets to address different page layout apps like Illustrator, XPress, InDesign. Set 1 for Ill/InDes, Set 2 for XPress etc.

Thanks for any insight,

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Hi Adrian - what version of MS Word are you using?

The preview edition of MS Word in Office 2010 (for Windows) introduces support for a few OpenType typographic features, including stylistic alternates.

Unfortunately you won't find this support in older versions of Office for Windows, or in the Mac Office 2008 version.

All the best,

Bill Davis

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Some would consider what follows a hack, but if Word only supports stylistic sets . . .

Put the same substitutions you have in your salt feature in a Stylistic Set feature, say SS01. You can have both salt and SS features with the same substitutions.

(I believe FontLab has an example of the exact syntax for Stylistic sets ... it is not hard to write.)

Recompile, write off, (purge older version of the font) and and turn on SS01 in Word.

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