(x) 'ARC' RCA Journal double-lined geometric caps - custom

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Hello everyone,

I'd appreciate it greatly if anyone can recognise what this font is? Or anything that is similar to it. It was used on this year's RCA journal.

Many thanks!

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I'm also interested, it's beautiful. Following this one!

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I would like to know as well!

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Could it be just a regular sans (e.g. Johnston) outlined, then modified?

- Lex

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Yes it looks very modified, how the strokes in the A and the R are overlapping and joining. So nice!

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I was also wondering about that. It's Beautiful!

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Yes I agree with everyone here, it's absolutely stunning, so would greatly appreciate it if anyone does know what this font is! You'll be making a lot of typophiles happy :-)

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Argh. There must be someone who can identify it - even in its original format (if it was modified) Perhaps it is custom made from begining to end?

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Because of the geometric nature of the lettering it seems quite possible to me that this was drawn the way a draftsman would have done it many years ago. Lex's suggestion sounds like a good way to approximate it, but perhaps start from a different sans than Johnston,something geometric, like one of the Neuzeit sans faces. They might have the serif on the J too.

- Mike Yanega

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Thank you for everyone's input! :)

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I attempted to construct some of the characters myself..

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