Extreme Nodes or Not

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I understand that "Nodes at Extremes" are a necessary part of hinting.

And though I do NOT understand the subtleties of hinting (I just click F7) putting nodes at extremes has broadly become the way I draw most curves anyway.

When my glyph has a broad curves at the extremes or corners that turn at the extremes, everything is honky dory...

But things don't always work out that way:

When I put nodes at the extremes of tiny curves (like in A,V and W glyphs with diagonals that have rounded edges) the curve gets wobbly.

Do I need to turn my UPM up to 2000 to handle the fidelity for these fine curves?

Or can I just not worry about it and let my nodes just be really close to the extremes in those few cases?

I DO plan to generate both OT type 1 and Truetype eventually...

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Tiny curves don't need it and don't gain anything by it. Best practice is to put curve quality first and trust your common sense.

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That is the approach I would like to take...

But I read somewhere that OpenType TT needed points on all the extremes or it had problems.

Is that not so much the case?

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