Happy 30th Birthday, Dan!

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Hope you're enjoying! :-)

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The big three-oh, eh?


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Yes, a whole new decade. Thank you both!

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Wow! A very Happy Birthday, Dan! Have a great one.

(And: I can confirm there's life on the other side of 30… :) )

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All the best! Enjoy, Dan.

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Happy birthday [belated], Dan!

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Happy belated BD, Dan!

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Hang on, this isn't allowed. There are precious few people whom I think of as younger than me, and they are not allowed to be older than 30.

But happy birthday nonetheless.

‘Did you just say nonetheless?’ — Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye

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Happy Birthday Dan!

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John, as luck would have it, I will always remain younger than you. But in general I agree with you completely. I did spend a good year trying to perfect a mechanism that would allow me to remain 29 forever… but I ran out of time before it met with success. What can you do?

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Years ago I concocted a method of time travel that entailed traveling to the north pole and running around in circles, clockwise or counterclockwise, and crossing the international date line for however many days forward or backward in time I wanted to travel. I still await the funding to test this method.

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